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Healthy Mediterranean Diet  Breakfast Ideas

Make healthier choices: ~whole wheat or grain bread & flour ~healthy fats, avocado, EVOO ~protein packed Greek yogurt ~unprocessed meat  ~fill up on vegetables ~remember portion size

Greek Yogurt Smoothie


Plain Greek yogurt, berries, milk, honey, and ice. Simple recipe to keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Homemade Ham & Cheese Quiche

Flaky homemade pie crust filled with PF Ham, swiss cheese, spinach, and eggs. A perfect brunch meal. 



Energy packed crunchy almonds, and chewy prunes are a great breakfast on the run.

Almond and Prune Bars

A simple omelet with spinach, tomato, leek , and cheese. A quick breakfast.


Savory Vegetable Omelet

a tender muffin with juicy blueberries made with a mixture of whole wheat pastry and all-purpose flour.


Blueberry Muffins

Packed with whole grains, healthy fat, and protein. You will love every creamy bite of this quick breakfast!


Avocado Toast with Over Easy Egg