Olive Oil:  Learn the Differences


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Ever stand in front of a shelf full of olive oils and wondered which one?

Take a second to Learn the Differences

What is Pure Olive Oil

Refined or chemically extracted oil Mixture of extra virgin & refined oil Lower quality Less flavor Inexpensive

What is Virgin Olive Oil

Oil extracted from olives naturally Up to 2% oleic oil Lower quality Less flavor Moderately priced

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oil from first extraction of olives Cold-pressed or non-refined Least amount of oleic acid, <0.8% Most health benefits Flavorful Expensive

Health Benefits of  Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Clinical studies show olive oil: is heart healthy helps with glycemic control, weight loss, vitamin absorption helps elevate mood

INCLUDE OLIVE OIL IN DAILY MEALS & COOKING Keep a bottle to drizzle on your salads and vegetables. Store a bottle by the stove to use when sauteing and frying. Use olive oil in baking and recipes