Olive Oil:  Learn the Differences


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Ever stand in front of a shelf full of olive oils and wondered which one to buy?

Learn The Difference

Pure Olive Oil

Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

What is Pure Olive Oil

Refined or chemically extracted oil Mixture of extra virgin & refined oil Lower quality Less flavor Inexpensive

What is Virgin Olive Oil

Oil extracted from olives naturally Up to 2% oleic oil Lower quality Less flavor Moderately priced

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oil from first extraction of olives Cold-pressed or non-refined Least amount of oleic acid, <0.8% Most health benefits Flavorful Expensive

Health Benefits of  Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Clinical studies show olive oil: is heart healthy helps with glycemic control supports weight loss assists vitamin absorption and helps elevate mood

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