Learn About the Keto Diet

What is the  Keto Diet

It is an eating program where the mix of food eaten follows basic macronutrient guidelines.

This forces the body into ketosis and helps burn fat.

Keto Diet: Macronutrient Goals

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75%  Fat

20%  Protein

5% Carbohydrates

Daily calories as:

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Food to Enjoy

Unprocessed meat

 Seafood and fish


Almond & coconut flours

Healthy fats

Low-carb fruits and vegetables

High fat dairy, nuts, & seeds

Food to Avoid







Most fruit

Benefits  of the Keto Diet

Rapid, fat-targeted weight loss

Improved energy, mental  focus, and sleep

Decreased carbohydrate cravings

With weight loss, improved metabolic syndrome, & insulin resistence

Improved blood pressure & inflammation

Get Started on Keto

Start the day with a  cup of coffee and cream

Plan your meals to stay within your marcos

Need help with marco planning

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Planning meals & tracking macros is time consuming

Get help with Tastaholics Weekly Keto Meal Plans

Learn More About the Keto Diet

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