7 Symptoms of Ketosis on the Keto Diet

 By Fit As A Fiddle Life

Learn signs the Keto Diet is working for weight loss.

The Keto Diet Is a Quick Way to Lose Pounds

4 Key Steps to Starting Ketosis





Add Intermittent fasting; or simply skip breakfast

Eat moderate amounts of protein

Limit carbohydrates to less than 25 grams a day

Ensure adequate fat intake

Learn about 7 Symptoms of Ketosis

Light Yellow Arrow

Flu-like Symptoms Referred to as the Keto Flu. 

Dry Mouth and  Bad Breath

Short-term Effects: 

Frequent Urination

Muscle Cramping

Reduced  Appetite

But Then Also:

Increased Focus and Energy

Rapid Weight Loss

And, Ultimately

Learn More About Ketosis and How to Manage Early Symptoms on the  Keto Diet